Division of the RPIPL Group of Companies

A. V. T. Shankardass A. V. T. Shankardass
Email : AVTS@vpuk.co.uk
A. V. T. Shankardass joined show business at an early age, beginning as a performer, then directing for the theatre, plays like 'The Missing Link', 'Artists do not park here' and 'The Cenci' and subsequently directing for film on, 'Praying for Pay', 'The Commuters' and 'The Stepmother'. Eventually in his capacity as a producer he worked on films like 'Generation 2000', and 'Prison: Does it Serve them Right?'. He joined Victory Productions (U. K.) as Head of Motion Picture and produced 'The War Zone' shot on location during the 1999 Indo-Pak war and 'A Fortune Teller Told Me'. He also wrote and developed 'Saffron', 'A Drop of Life' and 'Noor'. He negotiated Multi-Picture long-term deals for artists including directors, actors and writers. In 2000 he acquired the company by a hostile take over and in 2005 a privatised floatation at $ 4 million quadrupled the value of the company. As C.E.O. and Managing Director he was involved with 'K-19: The Widowmaker', 'Femme Fatale', and produced ’Ball & Chain’ aka 'Arrangement'. He also structured a first look multi-picture financing deal and took on, 'Survivor', 'Dream Team', 'Temüjin', and Executive Produced 'Johnny Was' and 'A Tryst with Destiny'. As a writer he has held a 5-year contract with Tomahawk Entertainment and Warner Bros. and he holds a North-American distribution deal with Lions Gate Films. He is currently producing 'Breaking News' and 'Boneyard'. He has also launched two new equity investment funds for entertainment in Brazil and India. He is a Member of the PGA, the NPA and the National Theatre Society as well as the UNESCO Club, Environmental Awareness Society, Third World First, and Amnesty International. He is a graduate in Philosophy and has a Masters in Film and Theatre. He is also a Trustee for Manuj Kalyan Kendra, a charity for Human Welfare. He’s a private pilot and avid aviator as well as a horse-riding enthusiast with a Presidential award for Equestrian excellence. He was also appointed Honorary Ambassador of Peace for the Harvey Ball Foundation and received an award in Public Speaking from the Foundation for the Universal Responsibility of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.